Considering the current trends and the shift of young farmers in new alternative crops, we created the cooperative “Minoan Land”. It is an agricultural cooperative with Pancretan scope which deals with Prickly pears, Aloe and Herbs cultivation and trade. The cooperative is based in a small village, called Chondros,  at the southern part of Heraklion region of the island of Crete. Our mission is to maximise our production in the benefit of the farmers by investing in processing, standardization and trade of our products.

Our goal is to build healthy partnerships based on mutual interest.

Our reference point is the investement  in resources, time and expertise, in order to meet the needs of modern farmers and consumers. With the guidance of scientists we aim to find new ideas and techniques proven to offer a better quality result, with respect to the environment.

Family farming promotion is our first priority as an incentive for young people  to live and work in the countryside. Economic growth may come as a result of the whole concept of family land concentration, which by extension will promote bio-cultural applications and entrepreneurial activity.

Our vision is to create a processing unit, which provides the ability to process and trade our products, in a way which fully leverages production. The production unit will produce various products with many uses and of high quality. The variety of products will consist of fodder, consumer goods and cosmetics.

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